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    Monday, April 28, 2008

    My almost last sunset in Morocco. Bliss

    The Saggioro Family in Cislago (outside Milan), Italy

    Giving a ride to Marchella--her first tandem

    Big love from Italy! I realize just how blessed I am recently. My gratitude levels are off the charts and I plan to keep them there, no matter what happens. But it’s sure easy to be grateful when life lines up like this…he’s a quick play by play I gotta share…the 12 steps to remembering it all always does works out in the end:

    1) Went to doctor, he says I’m all set to ride, surf and frolic. Finally, I’m clear to rock in roll!
    2) I decide to get to Europe as spring has arrived and want to hit the window of good weather and avoid more dust. I’ll be back in Morocco soon enough.
    3) Planned a 3 day overland trip from Morocco to Europe
    4) But, 5 star surf was predicted for the days of my 3-day travel and I did not want to leave my friends in Morocco to sit 3 days on a bus/train/boat
    5) I found a flight and air cargo transport for my gear for only a few bucks more than the price of the overland trip—BONUS!
    6) I was then invited to a friend in Italy’s place just an hour after booking the flight so I had a welcome crew upon arrival in Italy.
    7) Instead of 3 days overland I got 3 days of perfect, I mean PERFECT surf, with great people, weather and good health
    8) Arrived in Italy, was picked up by my good friend Anna who I met in Tanzania, and we went to check if the bike arrived via cargo shipment
    9) Turns out it was a holiday weekend when I arrived in Italy, and I we hit the cargo area after 2PM when everything should be closed
    10) My bike arrived the same time I arrived and miraculously we were able to get half dozen Italians who were off duty and on holiday to release the bike to us so we did not have to make a second trip and could build the bike up right away.
    11) I arrived at Anna’s amazing house where 9 lovely Italians, dog and cat welcomed me like family.
    12) My entire kit of gear arrived without any harm, the bike is built up, has already had half dozen Italian riders already, and the adventure in Europe is underway!

    Off to Genoa to pick up a few FedEx packages of parts and gear tomorrow and will be rockin my way around the continent soon after! I’ll do my best to get caught up on journals, but for now the blog is the best bet  Enjoy!

    Big love!


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