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    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Greetings from San Francisco, California!

    I just recovered from what appears to be a bout with Malaria. I had a 104+ fever for several days and fortunately had Coartem treatments with me and self medicated. It was NOT a happy week last week. But it's been great being home with family, friends and my new sweetheart Kelly and I'm preparing our "Sneak Preview Screening" of the Peace Pedaler TV series for our fundraising party on November 15th, so mark your calendar if you are in the Bay Area. I'll get around to the updates of Mali and Burkina Faso as soon as I can, but have many other items on the front burner so thanks for the patience!

    Big love!


    Monday, October 01, 2007

    Quick update from Accra, Ghana! I'm a few hours from getting on a plane back home for a much needed visit and I'm as excited as ever! I had a super adventure in Burkina Faso and fell in love with that country indeed. I did have some challenges, but they all turned out to be in divine order as great things happened as a result. I did my first "urban Peace Pedaling" session and it was quite exciting and I'm sure you'll dig the footage and adventure yourself soon.

    Ghana has been amazing as well. I've been hosted by a lovely couple Jina and Kwame who are treating me like royalty and making me feel right at home. I'll be looking forward to returning here for the next session of the African expedition.

    But for now...OFF TO USA!!! WHOOO HOOO!