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    Monday, May 28, 2007

    Mom just left yesterday and I've had 2 doses of family visits from my cousin and now mom in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. I love my family dearly and now I see a family drought coming my way so if you want to come play, let me know!

    I just typed a 10 page newsletter for Zambia and am catching up with Malawi and soon Kenya. I hope to get this blog and newsletters more current so be patient as I catch up.

    Uganda is amazing. The people are proud, humble and peaceful in light of a pretty rough recent past. We stayed with families, rode with the papa, tackled the mean roads and traffic, plunged down the class 5 rapids of the Nile and now it's all about music and culture here in Kampala. Also will be doing a visit to an orphanage and some media work. Kampala is busy, dusty and wild but not nearly as crazy as Nairobi or even Dar.

    In a few days I'll begin the major riding section of Uganda with some tough yet beautiful hills up towards the Congo border then turning back to Rwanda. Congo is a no-go--I'll be flying over it next month to West Africa.

    All is all, life is dandy. It's no vacation anymore with the filming and recording--shooting about 15+ hours per country of hi def footage is not easy, and managing sound, lighting, voice files, etc can get wearing at times. Luckily I get blessed with great people, awesome places to stay and fun things to do to break up the work a bit.

    Off to film a live Jam SEssion in the park. Catcha ya'll later :)


    Friday, May 11, 2007

    My Mom has arrived in Nairobi and I'll be riding with her to Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda. It's nice to have family in town again. Nairobi did not impress me so much, but it was not as bad as many people say. I did get my phone stolen from my pocket at a dance club, but that's my own fault. Still feels bad. We are off today so that's all to report...