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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Blog from Paraguay!
    22 June, 2009

    It´s pouring rain but meant to clear by tomorrow and could not be more stoked on it all. In Encarnacion, Paraguay on the border of Argentina staying with a lovely family Jazmin and her lovely daughter Costanza and more.

    I crossed over after a wild adventure in Argentina starting on a low note with a last second cancelation by my planned rider Luis, back up with a picnic accompanied by dozens of butterflies then jungle riding for desert, down with 2 crashes in the dark, back up to sunshine and tail winds, then back down to a blown out front fork. Spirits were again high when Garryck got on the hunt for the part to fix the fork but back down when some guys I bought dinner for stole my camera.

    My neighbors staying with the Guarani tribe near San Ignacio...special

    Pedalin´with pure blood Guarani power! Niceness! Renato had POWER!

    A taste of the Jesuit ruins...breathtaking!

    Diego had to cancel but Cristina takes his place

    Ohhh, but then it gets rockin in San Ignacio where I am invited to stay with an indiginous Guarani tribe, ride with a Guarani boy Renato and sunshine and tailwinds set for my ride with Diego (same name as the guy who stole my camera!...ironically) after checking out the ruins of the Jesuits...yummy. But Diego had to cancel and in comes a new wild character Cristina from Barcelona, Spain. Cristina is a solo traveler and got word of the journey and hoped on for a short 20km trip to some more ruins.

    The Statue of Victory. Posadas, Argentina. First stop...ICE CREAM!

    After 20km she was hooked and we were having so much fun she went back for her passport and clothes and joined me all the way to Posadas and over the border to stay here with me in Encarncion. As we looked over the maps together and chatted about her coming on the tandem she decided to buy her own bike and pedal along to Asuncion and sell it up there or give it away to charity. Nice! So have have a massage therapist and acupunturist adventuring Spainard on the first leg of Paraguay and life is perrrrdy groovy.

    Our lovely hosts Jazmin and Costanza

    We´re off tomorrow into the wet winter wonderland of SE Paraguay. Stay tuned....

    Big love!


    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Blog from Argentina
    12 June, 2009

    Mom and I at Iguazu

    My private tango teacher--awesome!

    Riding the streets of Buenos Aires!

    Greetings from Iguazu in Argentina. I'm on the border of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina now and preparing my route through Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile. Also finishing the last edits for my agent, doing admin work on various business projects and grounding up personally for a long adventure ahead. Once again I'm going to let the photos tell the story of my few weeks here in Argentina with Mom, Sara and some great new frineds. Check out this link to see photos of Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls. Enjoy the ride! Once I get rollin' I hope to keep the blog a bit more colorful but for now this should keep ya stoked.