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    Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Last Blog of 2008, San Diego, CA
    December 30, 2008

    Life has it's ups and downs! Don't take it too seriously and ride it baby!

    My latest mobile office in Mamacita's spare room

    So 2008 has been one of the most exciting and rewarding years of my life, no doubt! Way back in January I was in San Diego, then was soon off to Ghana, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania then Morocco by April. After that, well, the amazing 26 country tour of Europe took me all the way to November when I finally came home to open arms from my family, friends and supporters back in USA. I am trying to finally catching my breath but wow! It keeps getting better!

    Santa came to Peace Pedalers HQ! My mom's front porch after Tour de Cali.
    Sponsors are still very supportive, even in the bad economy!

    Right now I thought I'd fill in some of the blog readers who want to know what REALLY goes on when I'm back in the country in between 9-11 month expeditions away from home. The first thing I always want to do is see my friends and family who I missed so much out on the road. So I did a whirlwind work/play tour of the California--a cool photo album of my tour de Cali is at if you want to check it out...

    Reunited feels so good! My Godchild Kaya in N. Cal. She was born when I was in China in 2002!

    My two bestest lady friends since kidz Boof n Eneeja

    And my SF crew out on the town my last night in San Fran

    A "work/play" tour essentially means I work my butt off all day while my friends are working their butts off. Then, at night we connect, share, cook, eat, drink and be merry. I stay a few days with each set of friends then move on to the next. Yes, I work full, long, taxing days in front of the computer and on the cell phone with a 1000 minute/month plan and on the laptop with wifi usually at coffee shops or at the houses of friends.

    But in between work sessions, I get out to enjoy. How can you stay inside with these babies???

    Right now my "work" is about raising money for not only my project but for the Good Hope School in Uganda that I am sponsoring ( An in today's dicey economy this has been especially difficult, as you can imagine. But I flew out to Panasonic to give a face to face pitch (thanks Mom for free flying benefits with American!) which finally resulted in them coming on board again to 2010. I'll be working with a new project of thiers called Living in HD--check it out at Day after day it's all about getting equipment, re-pitching sponsors for gear, dialing in a huge fundraising event in San Diego (info at including food, wine, beer, music, expositions, volunteers, videos, photos, bikes and tons of PR work.

    The last stop on tour de Cali was with my Nieces. And my annual foot rub!

    Then there's the film work--working with Les, pitching networks, revamping production equipment and strategies, refining, reviewing footage, etc. I have a book in the works so that's another project in the works with proposals, agents and meetings still to come. Still more--planning the expedition itself through the last 20 countries homeward bound.

    But, in light of all this work, I never forget to get out and enjoy each day as if it were my last. Seeing so many of my friends and family with far more personal life responsibilities of children and family I'm taking these last few years of my life to live it up indeed! I've been surfing, riding, running, swimming and plenty of wonderful nightlife adventures to boot. I'm quite aware of the responsibilities around the corner when I finally settle down, so going big now and enjoying the freedom :)

    All work and no play sucks. How to do both--Wifi & cell phones between holes!

    At the end of a long day of work--this is where I spend my time. Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA

    So it's almost 2009 and no doubt it's going to be an epic year! I'll be heading to Brazil 1st of February and living there a few months before heading back on the road to North America. Till then, back to work and play I go...

    Live Big, Give Big, Love Big ;)