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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Czech to Germany Blog, July 23 2008

    Seamus and I before I pedal north towards Germany

    Irena and Jamie just over the border from Czech to Germany

    Irena and I meet up with Tim & Sybille in Berlin Germany for a tour

    Our lovely hosts Sybille n Tim

    Tim working his magic with the national media

    It's past midnight and I'm running on vapors here after an action packed weekend in Berlin with Czech guest rider Irena and our hosts Tim n Sybille. Our stay was nothing short of amazing with great meals, fun rides, endless conversation and great memories. Tomorrow I'm back on the road with a great guy Mathius I met in Benin, West Africa and a 2-day ride with a soulful Germany brother Axel heading up to Denmark.

    It's honestly been an emotional roller coaster lately but the ups are far outweighing the downs so I'm stayin' on the ride! I'm gonna catch some sleep and hope to get ya a report of Czech and the Exit festival adventures soon as I can...tell then, pictures are worth a thousand words at Enjoy the ride!



    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Exit Festival to Germany Blog, July 16, 2008

    The glob of groovin. Endless talented DJ's for 4 days...

    The Exit Festival came and went in a state of total bliss--4 days of dancing 7-10 hours a night and grooving to some of my favorite artists and DJ's, connecting with my Bosnian crew and taking some time off the bike. Perfect weather, company, amazing music---It was just what the doctor ordered! I'm now on the road to Germany!!!

    I've found the people in Prague very friendly, but far more "westernized" than most of the E. European countries. And, with that said, most of the invitations to come riding were not accepted as people are serious about their work and careers here. Luckily my Czech friend Irena has a day off Friday so I'll have at least one long distance Czech rider. We'll see what heading out of Prague solo brings me. Actually, I love riding solo so no complaints.

    Wow, I'm leaving Eastern Europe! I'm a bit scared as it was so easy and the vibe in the East is pretty relaxed and the people very open. Now heading into the modern, fast paced West...Lezzzz do it!

    Over n out from Prague!!! Some pics for ya!

    The madness at the train station of festival goers...

    My Exit Sisters from Bosnia Marjana & Mirela dancin the night away

    The music was everything from Traditional to Punk--very wild

    Chillin in lovely downtown Novi Sad, Serbia

    The live music main stage was epic...

    Front row center for Manu Chao was INSANE!!!

    My last supper w/ my boy Seamus back in Prague before ridin' north...

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Slovakia and Czech Blog: July 8, 2008

    Greetings from lovely Prague, Czech Republic! A few nuggets from the last days here in this amazing city:

    Reunited with my childhood friend Seamus Devine!

    One of my hosts Jozef on our amazing balcony

    Just a small sample of the fairytale scenery in Prague

    My other host Ondrej and I on a sunny Saturday ride

    And a super cool Czech Chic Irena who just rocks!

    So Slovakia was just so amazing and I wrote a nice journal with great photos. I suggest you check out

    As for Czech I have been in a blurr of bliss since I arrived! For one, I like good beer. And everyone said the beer is just the best in the world here and they were NOT kidding. And I arrived on a Friday night, was welcomed by my host Jozef with my first Pilsner and it's been all about good times since then. I met up with a childhood buddy Seamus Devine who lives in Prague and it was like the 10 years had never passed--we had a blast out on the town. And boy does the town of Prague rock after the sun goes down--until the sun comes up!

    I spent Saturday with my hosts Ondrej and Jozef eating, riding around the amazing sights, drinking more yummy beer and watching all the lovely Czech people enjoying a perfect Saturday in the park and city. Seamus threw a party at his house so I got to reunite with he and some great Czech folks and an cool American chap Brian for a perfect evening of food, drinks and fun. Sunday was lazy, relaxing with my new Czech friend Irena who took me out site seeing and on a picnic on the park.

    And now, after a few days of administrative work on Peace Pedalers I'm going to follow my initial intuition and take a week off of Peace Pedaling and head to one of Europe's most epic music festivals, Exit Festival ( The lineup is beyond words with two of my favorites Miguel Migs from San Francisco (favorite DJ) and Manu Chao (my favorite band). Add to this the location in a fortress in fairytale Novi Sad, Serbia and the company great friends--I could not pass it up. Sooooo, Poland will be a short one, maybe just passin through...But I hope to get recharged for Western Europe and Scandinavian adventures!

    Over n Out from Prague!

    Jamie :)

    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Blog from Slovakia, July 2, 2008.

    Riding in Bratislava with my brother and host Michal

    My two hosts Michal and his sister Zuzana

    I have family in Slovakia!!! Going to stay with them tonight!

    Don't forget Aldo! He's our mascot!

    Keepin the Peace n Love flowin!
    Hungarian guest rider Krisztina with my Slovakian host Michal

    If you have not already seen it, there are great Hungary photos and a juicy 6 page journal at

    Greetings from Bratislava, Slovakia! I've been here for about 5 days and am off on a 3 day ride to the border of Czech Republic shortly. I've been blessed since the moment I crossed the border from Hungary with amazing riding, unreal hospitality, a visit from a Hungarian guest rider Krisztina and I even got a chance to meet some distant relatives! I have family here! I've met some very warm, genuine, loving souls and will be riding with a few guys and a relative of mine too tomorrow! Life is sweeet! Check out the Hungarian newsletter and I'll get ya a report from Slovakia when I get to Czech for the weekend!