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    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Winter Blog from Los Angeles, CA

    January 20, 2010

    Reconnected with my best bros Garryck n Rich after a year apart!

    It’s been just about a month since landing here in USA and I am finally experiencing winter. The rainy, cold weather has been the blessing in disguise to get me inside working consistently on various exciting projects (it’s hard to concentrate with summer weather and winter waves…). Since landing it’s been all about family and friends—something that, quite frankly, I grew to miss dearly the last few months of last South American expedition.

    My first order of business after my initial family/friend burst of love was getting my 4x4 adventure machine lined up. Since my life will soon be making a drastic change in 2010 and beyond, it was time to make a similar change to my normal set of wheels. After several weeks of hunting, fixing and finagling I have a truly bad-ass machine—a 2001 4x4 Cummins Diesel Dodge truck lugging my transitional home—a buffed out 10 foot Lance camper with indoor/outdoor hot shower, bathroom, room for 5, big fridge, stove, oven, awning with hammock/bbq/chairs/outdoor chill area and more. I’ll do my best to run biodiesel whenever possible to minimize the ole carbon footprint and eventually install a waste vegetable oil system when I finally return ;) I’m not in USA long enough to rent/buy a pad but certainly not short enough to be couchsurfing on family and friends’ couches so this was the happy medium.

    Oh, I just uploaded a small 20-photo slideshow so check it out here:

    So now I’m in Los Angeles visiting my two best friends Garryck and Richard for the week while working on several projects. I’m writing a few treatments for the first series of my TV series in Africa for various networks and doing some important proposals for my key sponsors. I have yet to really start gearing up for the final leg of Central America and beyond but in due time. Right now I’m architecting a smooth landing not only for me, but for my first child who will be born this summer. So it’s not just about me anymore, and my creative mind is now conjuring things up at a whole new level.

    We’re got a fund raising party this weekend that a few of our volunteers are leading so after doing some speaking there I may be b-lining up to the mountains for a few days of deep powder skiing. We’ll see if I can get my work done first, but it’s so tempting with over 10 feet of fresh up there! Carpe Diem, baby!

    If you are in SoCal, check us out this Saturday the 23rd of January at Mosaic Wine Bar in San Diego at 3422 30th Street. Event info at

    Over n out!