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    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Blog from Barcelona, Spain

    My last ride in Latin America. A solo meditative ride of Lake Aticlan, Guatemala

    I have to pinch myself to remind me that I'm not dreaming here. Yep, the ride is almost over! The 80th country of Peace Pedalers was just completed and I'm now here in Spain with past guest rider from Argentina Cristina awaiting our first baby boy Luca. He's due any day now. Since landing we've been styled out in every way. This is just too much:

    1) Spain wins the World Cup the day I arrive for the first time in history. Spirits are high.
    2) Cris and I are totally hooked up with a free mack daddy pad in the mountain town of San Llorenç, with rivers, mountains and fresh cool air out of the hot city.
    3) The baby and Cristina are totally healthy and all is looking golden for our baby boy Luca's birth.
    4) The locals from the Bike Tolra Shop and local club have loaned me both a road and mountain bike with full kit to enjoy world class road and mountain biking right out my back yard.
    5) Mamacita is due in a few days to join the fun and celebrations with Cris' amazing family who somehow totally love and accept me and our totally non-traditional relationship.
    6) The logging and rough cutting of over 700 hours of footage is on schedule for our TV and film work
    7) Sponsors are all still showing excellent support to the finish line
    8) The water project Operation Agua in Bolivia is building the water holding unit for the community and will likely receive funding from a Japanese NGO to finish the project!
    9) Good Hope School has nearly 200 students and will be graduating their 2nd class this winter
    10) The list goes on...blessings abound.

    So that's the latest. I also have put a photo album of the last 80 countries of Peace Pedaling for your enjoyment. I smile every time I watch this. Hope you do to :)


    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Blog from San Diego, CA

    My last Latin Ride, Lake Aticlan, Guatemala

    My latest motto: "The Flow Knows". Signs in my life were loud and clear that it was time to wrap up my Latin adventures and head east to Spain to be with Cristina and little Luca, now 8+ months in the cooker. It all started with a big rainy storm at the end of my El Salvador trip the carried on into Guatemala. This put my "schedule" way off track and made many of the back roads I was hoping to ride pretty messy. From there it was bike issues signals, Angels like Manuel telling me to turn back to avoid robberies and it ended with a final guest rider who summed up my 8-year, 80+ country trip: "We're all human". More later...I'm all good, on the way to Spain. Big ups from San Diego.