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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Blog from Belfast, August 27, 2008

    New Peace Pedalers on Falls Road, Belfast

    I’m just about ready to set off on and epic 3-day journey through Northern Ireland to the Republic’s stunning west coast town of Sligo where I’ll finally get back in the ocean for some surf. Belfast has blown me away and my hosts Brid and Una have become like sisters living with them on and off for 5 days. The weekend was stellar with many laughs, meeting new friends, tilting the perfect pints of Guinness, checking live music and even a visit from a former Swedish guest rider Paula.

    Brid and Una, my Irish sisters here in Belfast

    Amazing nightlife in Belfast

    And stellar live music at the Jazz Festival

    Paula and I went out exploring the hills and lakes outside Belfast on a 2-day adventure that was dazzling with one day of great weather and another of typical Irish wind n rain. The video cameras are back out in full force as my inspiration returned and Ireland and its people will be nicely documented both in the North and in the Republic where I’m heading.

    Swedish guest rider Paula returns for a pedal in Ireland

    All in all, I’m loving this region of the world, minus the lousy weather. But it’s this constant showers and rain that brings about the lush green hills and warm people so it’s actually starting to grow on me. Personally I’m quite content, with the regular ups and downs emotionally that I’ve come to accept living the kind of lifestyle I am. Once again I had to say goodbye to great new friends and will soon say hello to new ones on the west coast.

    Over n out from Belfast, en route to the Sligo!


    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Blog from Scotland, August 21, 2008

    Lovin the Northern Scotland Riding with my bro Mark, Glencoe

    It’s about midnight on my very last night in Scotland and I’m heading to Belfast tomorrow morning. I’ve been on a happy cloud since my arrival in Glasgow and am not all that inspired to write a big juicy blog update now but here’s the quick update on how I got here. More yummy journals on the way soon enough and the juice will be there for sure…so check journals section for updates ;)

    So I left Oslo in the rain but by afternoon I was pedaling solo on the tandem in mostly sunny skies into a nasty headwind along the pristine coast, Ipod crankin my favorite tunes, with real no desire to be with anyone but myself. I had a few rough days personally in Norway, with some experiences I am not sure I want to share just yet, so the solo time in raw Norwegian nature was what I was clearly craving—and it is what I got!

    I spent two full days riding challenging hills, striking coastal roads, lush green and mossy back roads, camping in unspoiled old growth and a quite bay in the pouring rain, passed dozens of pure lakes and rivers and really had a super time just hammering the pedals. I finally met up with Aslaug and Finn, my Norwegian friends I met in Africa, and we took shelter from a nasty storm that arrived just at our cycling date in their warm station wagon that whisked us to their vacation home on a secluded island where we dried out and cozied up ;)

    We lived the life at their cabin, beyond quick words so just wait for the newsletter for more details on this. I wish I had more time with them but I had plans to hit Glasgow, Scotland for the weekend and I’m glad I kept them. Here I sit now, at the end of a weeklong state of contentment, peace, love, fun, adventure and memories I’ll never forget.

    Again, you’ll have to wait for the Scotland journal to get the real scoop, but basically I took a train to a boat to a train to an arrival in Glasgow where I met my brother from another mother Mark. Mark is a soulful Scotsman who met me a the train station and together we created a week that changed each others lives, and the lives of those we know an met, in countless ways.

    From the weekend on the town, to the 3 day and 2 nights in the raw nature of northern Scotland, to the final days back in Glasgow—it was just bad ass, period. A “summary” at almost 1AM would do no justice. Just know that the spirit of Peace Pedalers, and all that I set out to see, experience and share, is manifesting in ways that are exceeding my expectations tenfold.

    Below are few teaser pics for ya, many more to come with journals and full photo albums when I catch us in next few days. It’s been far too special to open a computer and miss out on life till now but I’ll get some time on the way to Belfast.

    Get out there and see this world of ours—this stunning!


    An amazing free campsite in Norway

    Chillin by the sea, collecting the thoughts...

    Norway's nature is like no other

    They know how to live in Norway

    Blissful riding on the island...

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Blog from Norway, August 11, 2008

    The sun is trying to peek out of the thick clouds in chilly Oslo, Norway and I’m a few hours from pedaling my way towards Tvedestrand to meet some friends Finn and Aslaug for some pedaling in next few days. It’s hard to believe that I only have a few days left here in Scandinavian Europe before start my adventures in UK and Ireland.

    I’m still behind on my official newsletters but have a long boat ride and some time to catch up on the way to UK so hang in there. For now the latest quick update:

    The last sun we would see was our ride out of Malmo before the storm

    The weather not only turned when I hit Sweden, but turned downright nasty just after my last blog report. My 2-day ride I had planned with Paula turned out to be just one over one after a massive storm with scary winds came in with vengeance. We got totally drenched. My long lost au pair Carina from 1979 had mercy on me and picked me up in a posh Volvo with her sister Anne to take us up to the beach house we had planned to ride to. The winds were blowing down trees and shut down the train system too. It was nuts!

    Out of the nasty storm and into the great company of Anne, Bernt & Carina

    After 29 years apart Carina still loved to cook for me :)

    Carina and I got along like peas and carrots from the get go and spent a few days in her home town of Gothenburg, Sweden’s 2nd largest city. We were able to get out and meet some of her friends, check out the city a bit and catch up on some administrative work before we started our 3 day ride up the coast towards the border of Norway.

    The stunning scenery in Sweden makes ya smile!

    Body Power! We made it to the border of Norway!

    The ride could not have been better. Carina was strong, positive and a great guest rider. We had endless chats, escaped all the heavy rain that seemed to only fall when we were off the bike, and built a friendship that no doubt will last a lifetime. We rolled into Norway and she hoped a train back to Sweden and I rolled on to Oslo where I spent an action packed weekend with some of my Danish soul sister Mette’s crew out on the town dancing, catching live music and even a day at a big outdoor music festival where the sun came out and rainbows were dancing!

    My welcome dinner with hosts and new friends Magnus, Linn, Jon and Thomas in Oslo

    The sun peeks out at the music festival--amazing!

    The get em groovin early in Oslo

    I’ll write more soon…but that’s the latest quick update. On the road in Norway…next post will likely be in Scotland!

    Over and out from Norway!


    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    Blog from Sweden, August 3, 2008

    Big love from Malmo, Sweden! I’m a few minutes from departing on my ride north with a Couch Surfing host Lisa's roommate Paula to meet up with my Swedish Au Pair Carina who cared for me over 22 years ago at her beach house. Life is pretty darn good!

    My two Swedish hosts Paula and Lisa in Malmo Triple Riding at night :)

    Honestly the sun has been out almost non-stop with constant fun things to do. I cannot be bothered to stay indoors and write too much so you’ll have to wait for the rain to get full on journals written. They say it’s coming soon enough so gonna go ride now and not type too much… I did manage to get the photos of Czech, Germany AND Denmark up with captions and plenty of fun stories to be seen in the pics so check the homepage for links. Here’s the quick scoop for now and a few teaser pics...

    Jamie and Mathieu pedaling north from Berlin

    Axel and Jamie enjoying a sunset celebration at the beach

    I have been amongst some of the nicest people on earth since I landed in Berlin, Germany where I reported last. From there it was an epic 3 day ride with 3 riders Tim in Berlin, my French buddy Mathieu who I met in Benin now studying in Berlin, and my brother from another motha Axel for the final mission to Rostock, Germany to get my ferry to Denmark. Epic times with plenty of testosterone for a change.

    My host Mette and me pedaling in Denmark--Perfect!

    Jamie and Vibe at our lakeside campsite in Roskilde

    The sun kept on shining and the rainbow of good mojo in full force as I hit rode north and hit Copenhagen for a weekend of total bliss with three amazing Couchsurfing Danish princesses who showed me the best time ever. Mette, Vibe and Tanja are just three totally sweet Danish women introduced me to the local culture, music, food, fun in the sun and unforgettable memories. I have tons to write about this unforgettable experience in Denmark but the road is calling and going to let you check the photos for a visual adventure and I’ll write some journals when it finally rains...

    Lovin' the live concert in the sunshine!!!

    update just before's starting to rain....

    But rain or shine, I’m in LOVE with Scandinavia so far. What a marvelous world it is up here! Enjoy the rest of the pics on the site and hope to write more soon :)