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    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Southern California Blog
    November 10, 2010
    Rollin' the Cali Coast near Santa Barbara w/ Cris n Luca

    We have been totally blessed since our launch out of the Bay Area. First the Giants enter and win the World Series while we are there. Then the nasty weather clears the first day of our ride to pure sunshine and has not really left since! The waves have been world class, the company of riders just enough to keep it interesting but not too many to take away from my family time with my son Luca and Cris in from Spain.

    We're rolling into the So Cal scene and the fun starts in Huntington Beach where we'll roll in on the 16th and be hosted on the beach at the Shorebreak Hotel as the surf is getting just right for a few days. We're doing a video screening and fundraiser the 17th at Corona del Mar at Port, more info on this is at

    The views our OC Host the Shorebreak Hotel. Perfect!

    We're rolling from Huntington Beach to South Carlsbad before doing our final ride into San Diego on the 20th. We have a full day of fun events planned for the family and friends of San Diego and more info is at Anyone is welcome!

    That's about all I feel like reporting right now. I'm spending every possible moment with my son Luca, Mamaciata and Cris outside my riding and surfing. It's really a family celebration down the coast and some pics of our first week or so on the road are at

    Good to be home!


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