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    Monday, December 06, 2010

    Finally Home!
    December 6, 2010
    Santa Cruz, California

    Our "Welcome Home" gift from Santa Cruz was this lovely sunset

    So after 81 countries and 8.5 years of adventuring the planet I'm finally back home and settling down in Santa Cruz. I imagine that the word "settle down" will be far less "settled" than the average bear but my days of living for months on end out of panniers are over for the foreseeable future. I've already got trips planned for 2011 to Nicaragua, Uganda and Europe but the home base back in Santa Cruz is where I'll be landing in between adventures.

    My son Luca and Cristina were out from Spain for 1.5 months of adventuring and are finally back safely in Spain. If all goes well I'll be out there for the holidays. Around that the next step of this adventure is sharing it with the world via the feature film, TV series and my book. I've got a studio on the west side for the video stuff and a shared house on 36th ave just steps from world class surf to keep me connected to the creative energy of Mother Nature :)

    So 2011 will be all about getting the creative juices flowing, settling in, surfing, riding, planting some roots and spending as much time as I can with family and friends. Thanks for all the support over the years and I'll blog on the re-entry process and the creative process. Stay far, piece of cake :)

    My temporary home at 36th Ave at Jack O'Niel's place as I wait for my house to be ready
    Luca ready for a day of adventuring the redwoods
    Enjoying the last days of our adventure with Luca n Cris
    The very last miles of the Peace Pedaelrs expedition--a rainy one in San Diego

    But, as always, the rainbow followed me all the way home to San Diego

    Below is a photo album of the last miles and re-entry into the Bay Area. Cheers ;)

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